Pat Cash opens fire on Tennis Australia and Nick Kyrgios

Nick Kyrgios talks to the media

Pat Cash believes that the Australian Open’s decision to charge entry for a practice match between Nick Kyrgios and Novak Djokovic runs contrary to the spirit of the game.

Cash further took aim at Kyrgios over his recent comments regarding taking part in the Davis Cup for Australia.

The former Grand Slam champion insists that neither the French Open nor the Championships Wimbledon would open up a show court for a practice match.

“What’s quite extraordinary, it’s actually hard to believe, Tennis Australia is putting on an event, on centre court, for Nick and Djokovic – I don’t know, is Novak gonna play, has he pulled out of it?” Cash said on SEN’s Sportsday.

“In what country, in what grand slam – would you have Wimbledon suddenly pulling out centre court or court 1 because Andy Murray needed a practice match?

“It’s hard to believe, they certainly wouldn’t do it at the French Open. There’s kids day and whatever and you go and play that. At the French Open it wouldn’t happen.

“They’ve bent over backwards to help Nick to get some matches and to do this, I don’t know.”

Cash blasted Kyrgios for his misguided views on playing in the Davis Cup as well.

Kyrgios courted controversy by claiming that if he got more support from Australia that he might consider it.

“Maybe if Australia embraced me a little bit more, I would play it (Davis Cup) and bring home the trophy,” Kyrgios told the Australian Associated Press.

“But who knows?”

Cash feels that these views are misguided but believes that Kyrgios is someone who has is heart in the righ place nonetheless.

“It’s beyond my ability to be able to understand what’s going on in Nick Kyrgios’ head, I think for most people.

“I think he’s a good kid and he means well, but you can’t have it both ways. You can’t say oh I’ve done this stuff for charity, but I won’t represent my country, why won’t you love me? I behave like an idiot and then wait a minute I donate some money, I’m a nice guy.

“I think he means well and we should always give him the benefit of the doubt in the end.”

The 1987 Wimbledon champion gives Kyrgios slim chances of winning the Australian Open in 2023.

When asked what the chances were of a Kyrgios victory, he said: “Not much.

“He’s going to struggle with limited preparation. We’re putting high expectations on him … if he gets through to the second week it’d be a bloody good effort.”

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