Rafael Nadal news: Justice has spoken, says Spaniard about Novak Djokovic ‘mess’

Rafael Nadal talks to the press

Following his victory at the Australian Open first round on Monday, Rafael Nadal did not want to draw attention to the Novak Djokovic saga, but revealed that justice has spoken.

Djokovic arrived back in Serbia after losing a court challenge against the Australian government’s decision to cancel his visa on public health and order grounds.

The world No 1 had his visa revoked by the Immigration Minister Alex Hawke and was deported from the country on Sunday evening. He is set to be banned from entering Australia for three years, although the Prime Minister Scott Morrison has admitted that could be changed.

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Nadal said he does think the situation has been a mess.

“Almost one week ago when he won in the first instance, the case, he was able to get back his visa and was practising. I said the justice have spoken,” Nadal told the media after his victory at the Australian Open.

“If the justice says his visa is valid and he’s able to play here, the justice has spoken, so that’s the fairest thing, that he deserve to play here.

“Yesterday the justice said another thing. I will never be against what the justice says. I think the situation has been a mess.”

In the second round, the Spaniard will take on German qualifier Yannick Hanfmann. The 2009 champion claimed the ATP 250 title in Melbourne a week ago.

He said there is more people responsible for the terrible situation.

Nadal added: “He’s not the only one that did probably things bad in that case. Of course, there is more responsible in all this terrible situation that we faced for the last two weeks. But of course he is one of those responsible.”

“The ideal situation in the world of sport is that the best players are on court and playing the most important events, without a doubt.

“If Novak Djokovic is playing here, is better for everybody, no doubt about that.”