Inside story on the technology propelling Stefanos Tsitsipas to the top

Stefanos Tsitsipas

It may seem as if fitness levels, tactical mastery or improvement of a key shot can take a player to the next level, yet the equipment they use on court can be the difference between success at failure. 

Novak Djokovic spoke last month about the importance of his tennis shoes as he slides around the court, with the danger of losing your footing potentially disastrous for a tennis player.

Such are the speeds at which they travel around the court that having the right footwear is a huge part of their armoury and Australian Open finalist Stefanos Tsitsipas puts his faith in Adidas Barricade shoes.

The Greek star has been a vocal supporter of the iconic trainer that has been a market leader in tennis for many a year, but he may have a new option to wear later this year as Adidas have taken its tennis offering to a new level with the release of their Adizero Cybersonic tennis shoe.

Hailed as the fastest tennis shoe on the market, it is likely to be used by Adidas-contracted tennis stars in 2023, with Daniel Neuerburg, Adidas director of tennis and court sports, offering an insight into the new release.

“Our aim with the new Adizero Cybersonic was to make the impossible possible when it comes to creating a shoe that’s more efficient, consistent and precise,” he said.

“The stability and burst of pace that the Cybersonic offers will enable our players to be laser-focused and respond to their opponent’s next move faster.

“The principle of the Adizero Ubersonic construction is speed through maximum reduction.

“The approach is to have only what’s really needed on the shoe. The shoe is very direct and allows the athlete to transit all generated speed seamlessly to the court.”

The technology that is injected into modern tennis shoes makes them a work of high design constructed by experts who work with players and coach’s to fine-tune the finished product.

This release includes eye-catching energy rods on the back, adopted from running and used for the first time in an Adidas tennis shoe.

The energy rods are located in the heel and their purpose is to provide lightweight propulsion that will help players execute rapid changes of direction.

These shoes cradle the foot like few before them and that security allows players to commit to shots, with the light feel giving them a different twist on the enduringly popular Barricades.

Adizero Cybersonic claims to be the fastest tennis shoe on the market, with Adidas Senior Product Manager Tiffany Dittmer highlighting the technology that has gone into the product.

“This is a new way to access speed on a tennis court,” she states.

“It is not that we have reduced the weight of the shoe, but rather it accesses speed through technological components like the energy rod on the back of the show.

“This show is packed with innovation and technology and allows tennis players to change direction and pace quicker than ever before.

“The Cybersonic is a high-performance shoe that is light, stable and helps you to change direction quickly.

“To dominate a game, you need to react quickly, so this will be a perfect partner on court.”

Tsitsipas’ rise to the top of the game highlights the ongoing success of Adidas tennis shoes and they will be hoping their latest release continues that story.

He is knocking on the door of the world No 1 ranking and you need the full package when you are on court to reach such lofty heights.