Jannik Sinner celebrates
Ewan West

Jannik Sinner labelled ‘cold’ as his mentality is compared to Rafael Nadal by major winner

"He is a complete tennis player, with a mentality that allows him to no longer fear anyone"
Jannik Sinner and Daniil Medvedev with Australian Open trophies
Kevin Palmer

Daniil Medvedev’s verdict on whether Jannik Sinner is now better than Novak Djokovic

Is Jannik Sinner now the best player in men's tennis after his Australian Open win?
Jannik Sinner spoke to the world's media after his Australian Open win
Kevin Palmer

WATCH: Jannik Sinner’s press conference after his sensational Australian Open win

Here are the best parts of his press conference after Jannik Sinner's first Grand Slam win.
Jannik Sinner is the Australian Open champion
Kevin Palmer

Jannik Sinner could knock Novak Djokovic off world No 1 spot after Australian Open win

Sinner is now just 1,545 points behind world No 1 Novak Djokovic, as he looks to make 2024 his year.
Jannik Sinner with the Australian Open trophy
Kevin Palmer

Jannik Sinner’s honest confession on how he felt serving for Australian Open title

New Australian Open champion Jannik Sinner revealed how it felt to serve out the final game of the final.
Daniil Medvedev and Jannik Sinner at the Australian Open
Kevin Palmer

Nick Kyrgios identifies the big change that made Jannik Sinner a Grand Slam champion

Jannik Sinner's Australian coach Darren Cahill hailed for improving a key shot.