Daniil Medvedev and Alexander Zverev chatting
Kevin Palmer

Alexander Zverev’s hatred for Daniil Medvedev fuels fire ahead of Australian Open showdown

There may be fireworks when Zverev and Medvedev renew their grudge match at the Australiab Open.
Carlos Alcaraz looks on at the Australian Open
Ewan West

‘Unlike Novak Djokovic or Rafael Nadal, Carlos Alcaraz will not turn his back when it is complicated’

"He constantly sticks to his nature as a risky player, whether the scoreboard shows 0–0 or 5–5"
Novak Djokovic antics
Kevin Palmer

Carlos Alcaraz reveals why he believes Novak Djokovic CAN be beaten at the Australian Open

Carlos Alcaraz identifies reasons why Novak Djokovic could be dethroned in Melbourne.
Carlos Alcaraz reflects on his Australian Open demise
Kevin Palmer

Carlos Alcaraz’s vicious snipers should remember Novak Djokovic’s uncertain start

Alcaraz's critics suggested the Spaniard had been found out after Zverev bossed him for long periods of their quarter-final.
Carlos Alcaraz 2024 Australian Open
Ewan West

Carlos Alcaraz told he ‘has a lot of learning to do’ as tennis great identifies ‘trap’ he has fallen into

"When he can't develop his creativity, when things don't go his way, he loses himself tactically"
Coco Gauff showing her growing maturity
Ewan West

John McEnroe compares Coco Gauff to Carlos Alcaraz and makes major prediction

"She's not as big as the other players and but she's extremely athletic, the way Alcaraz is"