Alexander Zverev and Roger Federer will change their minds, boast Davis Cup organisers

Roger Federer talks to Alexander Zverev

The organisers of the Davis Cup are unconcerned about an apparent boycott of the top players, believing they will all flock to be a part of it once they see the new format in action. 

Alexander Zverev has been especially outspoken about the event, especially concerning the scheduling of it, with Roger Federer also coming out against it.

The ATP have muddied the waters too by announcing their own tournament to rival it, using ranking points as a way to attract the biggest names.

However, Davis Cup tournament director Albert Costa, himself a former player and captain for Spain in the competition, has dismissed those concerns, insisting the competition will soon speak for itself.

“I’m sure, 100 percent, that the Davis Cup will continue to be the tournament where you represent your country at tennis,” said Costa.

“The essence of the Davis Cup is flags and colour.

“There are many different collectives in tennis, they don’t have everything visualised and haven’t bought into it yet but when they see in the first year how exciting it will be and the impact it will have, their minds will be changed.

“The date is the same as now so we’ve changed nothing there but we’ve changed a lot to make it easier for players.

“They won’t be as tired because they will have two more free weeks.

“The calendar is much lighter now.

“When I was a player and a captain people kept asking for changes but nothing changed.

“Then Gerard Pique came up with a fantastic idea, which will make the competition as exciting as before and mean we will have a similar atmosphere.

“It will be very attractive for spectators, for TV too.

“Croatia and France are very excited about the final, but are people in India excited about it?

“When you have all the countries in one place it will have much more impact.”

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