Robin Haase: New Davis Cup a disaster but I’ll definitely play it for the money

Davis Cup trophy

Robin Haase says he will play the Davis Cup, but only due to money as he is fiercely against the new format.

The Dutchman, speaking to Dutch website Nos, said: “It gives a player around $150,000.

“I am not in the position to refuse such an amount.

“Some of the top 20 players may be able to do it, but I don’t.

“I always played tennis because it’s my passion. Many players can make tennis as a living. Me too.

“However, that’s not the reason why I started. It was always an honour to compete for my country.”

Despite his intentions, though, Haase is predicting a bleak future for the revamped event.

“It’s ridiculous how the whole project went,” he added.

“The ITF and Kosmos quickly changed the format in order to keep the step with ATP, and I am afraid Davis Cup may disappear in one or two years.”

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