Former Grand Slam champion says Carlos Alcaraz has no weaknesses

Carlos Alcaraz in actino

Former world No 1 Bjorn Borg believes that Carlos Alcaraz could be the rankings king for a very long time.

Borg believes there are no holes in Alcaraz’s game and if he can stay fit the Spaniard might dominate the game for many years.

The 11-time Grand Slam champion feels that Alcaraz’s Madrid Open run has sounded a warning.

“After this week he’s going to be No. 1 in the world, and I think he’s going to be staying there for many years,” Borg told Eurosport.

“The way he plays, the way he moves, I like the whole game. No weaknesses.

“This was a semi-final today, I think he has a good chance to win the final. But to watch this guy play is unbelievable, I’m very impressed.”

Alcaraz has set out his stall to make the 2023 French Open his second Grand Slam title.

He has lofty goals but has already been able to back up his audacity with titles.

Speaking after his Barcelona Open triumph, Alcaraz said: “I am a very ambitious boy and I always want more.

“I want to be better to win titles like in Barcelona. We will never be satisfied. I surround myself with ambitious people who are not satisfied with anything.

“Roland Garros is a clear short-term goal and I really want to win it. But now Madrid and Rome are coming.

“I’m going to Madrid to try to win. Not winning it won’t be a failure because that depends on the level I show and the way I play.”

Former WTA No 1 Chris Evert also feels that Alcaraz displays no clear weaknesses.

“I don’t know how he can improve anymore,” Evert told Eurosport.

“The beauty of his game is that he has no weaknesses whatsoever for any of his opponents to have a chance unless he’s having a bad day.

“Other top players in the past, they’ve been brilliant, but you always felt like there was some sort of weakness in their game or something they could really magnify and bring out. Carlos, the way he is defensively, and the way he is offensively, no other player can do those two aspects as well as he can.

“He is the best mover on the ATP Tour by far, I think. He has the mental component as well, which is confidence – he thinks he should win any match that he plays, and he has sheer passion and delight every time he hits a ball. He’s just very creative and he adapts very well.”

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