Iga Swiatek made French Open favourite by former British No 1 Tim Henman

Iga Swiatek

Former French Open semi-finalist Tim Henman has backed Iga Swiatek to win her second Grand Slam in Paris in the coming weeks.

Henman believes that Swiatek has all the attributes of a top champion.

The former World No 4 has taken in several Swiatek matches in recent weeks having watched her lift trophies in Miami and Rome.

Henman has been particularly impressed by Swiatek’s ability to control matches and play on her own terms.

“I was in Miami and I was in Rome last week, and I have watched nearly all her matches,” Henman told Eurosport.

“I love the way she’s playing. We always talk about the three aspects in tennis, technical, physical and mental. And in each area she is she is really maximising her play. Her strategy is very simple. She’s got huge power off both wings off the forehand and the backhand side.

“She’s moving well, so it’s difficult to put her under pressure, but if you drop the ball short, she is very good at going down the line on both wings. She’s playing on her terms. She’s the one that is dictating, she is in control of the outcome of the matches.”

Henman believes that Swiatek will only improve her game in the next few years with her strength likely to continue to increase.

He added that her all-around game has sharpened up in 2022.

“You add her physicality on the court which has improved. I think she’s faster. When she has to she’s defending better.

“Mentally, she’s very focused and her concentration is not wavering during the matches and she’s out there with a clear plan.”

Henman has no deeper insights into what Swiatek’s team are up to but he feels that the 20-year-old has surrounded herself with the right people.

“I don’t know her team, but it seems that they have a very good bond, a very good setup,” Henman said.

“And when you win five tournaments in a row, 28 matches, you know that it’s working very well.”

Swiatek comes into the French Open holding a 28-match winning streak having last been defeated all the way back in February.