Iga Swiatek news: World No 1 reveals how it feels to be a record breaker and two time Grand Slam champion

Iga Swiatek lifts her second Grand Slam trophy at Roland Garros 2022

Iga Swiatek just claimed her second victory at Roland Garros, and her second Grand Slam title of her career so far – but she’s also broken the record Serena Williams set for the most consecutive victories.

The Polish player now stands at 35 wins in a row with the previous record standing at 34 and has solidified her position at the top of the leader board even further, given this was also her sixth straight tournament title.

Even though she’s celebrating her victory over Coco Gauff, it’s the record breaking she’s most excited about.

“Having the 35th win and kind of doing something more than Serena did, it’s something special,” the 21-year-old said.

“Because I always wanted to have some kind of record, in tennis it’s pretty hard after Serena’s career.

“So basically that really hit me. obviously winning a Grand Slam too but this one was pretty special because I felt like I’ve done something that nobody has ever done and maybe it’s going to be even more.”

Even though Swiatek has been in incredible form recently, she admitted that this expectation was hard to carry around and even started doubting herself, but this win has reminded her that she’s in “good shape.”

She revealed: “I felt the baggage, the hardest thing is like not letting yourself think about that and overanalyse and not letting yourself think about all the numbers. I have been doing that for a few months now and for sure, two weeks here were harder, also because the media keep reminding me about all this stuff.

“But it’s all part of the work and I’m getting better and better at it and that’s also something that I’m proud of.

“Before the tournament I was like okay, it is going to be even possible to beat Serena’s result? I realised I would have to be in a final. I was like ah we will see how the first rounds are going to go, I didn’t even think about that before. But right now I feel like the streak is like more important, I kind of confirmed my good shape.”

Swiatek maintains her No 1 spot and is now a two time Grand Slam champion.