Mischa Zverev on brother Alexander Zverev’s injury: ‘Sascha never cries! The ankle was gone’

Alexander Zverev after his injury

It was a heartbreaking moment for Alexander Zverev when he injured his ankle during his French Open semi-final, but his brother Mischa was also philosophical saying “there are much worse situations”.

Zverev suffered a nasty injury during his clash against Rafael Nadal when his ankle gave away after he slipped. He slumped to the ground and screamed in anguish.

The 25-year-old left the court in a wheelchair and then returned on crutches to confirm to the chair umpire that he would not be able to finish the match.

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His brother Mischa reacted to the incident on Eurosport Germany, saying: “Sascha never cries! Something bad must have happened! That’s impossible!” he said on Eurosport Germany as he was reacting to the injury.

“The ankle was gone. That was an angle, in that position nothing can stick. He couldn’t get up. He was really screaming.”

The world No 3 gave an update on social media later on Friday evening, revealing it is a “serious injury”.

“It looks like I have a very serious injury. But the medical team and the doctors are still checking on it. We will keep you updated and we will let you know as soon as we know more,” the German said.

Mischa later told Eurosport Germany’s Matchball that his brother’s life will change for a bit, but also says it is a “luxury problem”.

“You can’t compare that with anything,” he said.

“When you are injured like Sascha is now, a piece of your life is taken away from you for a certain time because you can’t walk, you can’t be on the tennis court.

“But there are much worse situations, much more serious problems in the world today. Losing in the semi-finals of a Grand Slam tournament is the smallest problem. It’s not even a luxury problem, it’s pure luxury.”