‘The wind made us look ridiculous,’ says Roger Federer after Rafael Nadal semi-final

Roger Federer speaks to the media

Roger Federer says the wind played a major part in his French Open defeat to Rafael Nadal, but he’s refusing to use it as an excuse.

The 37-year-old’s return to Roland Garros was ended at the semi-final stage by Nadal, who will now get a chance in the final to win his 12th French Open title.

However, it was the windy conditions that were the real talking point, and Federer has offered some insight as to what it was like to play in them.

“You get to a point where you’re just happy to make shots and not look ridiculous,” Federer told reporters.

“I mean, it’s that bad. It’s just really difficult, you know, for both of us.

“There is also no way to practice in these conditions, you know. It’s all a mindset. It’s footwork. It’s all that stuff, you know.

Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer

“Yeah, so, I don’t know what I could have done a whole lot different, you know. Does it take my serve out of play a little bit maybe also?

“It just slows things down as well there. With the toss being all over the place, you’ve got to go for a bit more safety, and that’s just maybe enough for him to get more second serves. I don’t know.

“Or if I make the first serve, it’s just not – I can’t get the rhythm going, you know. You have that.

“But again, I don’t think I played poorly in the wind today. It’s just it’s tough on clay.

“You know, you’ve got to try to take on the half volleys, too, all that stuff.

“It just adds to the equation. He’s the best clay-court player, so I can accept that. It’s not a problem.”

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