How many Grand Slams will Novak Djokovic win?

Novak Djokovic with the Australian Open trophy

You wouldn’t bet against Novak Djokovic winning another Grand Slam or perhaps even a handful before he calls time on his career.

The questions many ask are indicative of the air of invincibility that surrounds Djokovic, especially at the big tournaments.

His own comments regarding his future suggest that in the near future he will set about prioritising.

Harvard Sports Analyst David Arkow has projected that Djokovic will win another six Grand Slams if he plays through to 2027.

Arkow mapped Djokovic’s likelihood of trophy wins using historic data and reasonable projections about his age.

He admits that he rounded his figures up as a bit of a fan of the GOAT contender.

Arkow believes that Djokovic could win the Australian Open another two times and also double up on Wimbledon. He feels that it is also a reasonable prediction that Djokovic will win another title in Paris and New York.

“The final prediction has Djokovic winning 5.74 Slams through 2027. I discuss different factors below that could either lower or boost this number but based on Novak’s current form this seems like a solid projection,” he wrote.

“My optimistic fan prediction is that he wins 6 more total: 2 more Australian Opens (likely 2024 and one more throughout the remainder of his career), 1 French (in the window when Nadal is not a big threat and Alcaraz is not at his peak yet likely 2023 or 2024), 2 Wimbledons (2023 and one throughout the remainder of his career), and 1 US Open (throughout the remainder of his career).”

Read Arkow’s full discussion here.

Seven-time Grand Slam champion Mats Wilander believes that Djokovic is good for another two to five Major titles.

“I think he’s playing a percentage game right now,” Wilander said recently in a chat on Eurosport.

“With longevity, that means he’s going to win another two to five Grand Slam titles because his average is obviously more than one Grand Slam victory per year.

“I think he’s up at 1.3 or 1.4 Grand Slam victories a year since the first day that he won the Australian Open.

“I think he knows ‘if I just stay healthy, I’m going to have my opportunities and I’m going to be winning more Slams’, whether it’s at Wimbledon, whether it’s even at Roland-Garros, of course, the Australian Open, and then as well at the US Open.

“Longevity means, ‘hey, guys, I’m not old, I feel young’. He looks young, and he’s going to be winning majors as long as he’s healthy.

“He’s going to win, on average, one Grand Slam title per year that he still keeps playing. I think that’s what he’s telling us.”

Djokovic is understood to have set his sights on an Olympic Gold Medal in Paris in 2024 to put the cherry on top of an incredible career.

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