Wimbledon open to coaching rule change, but won’t lead the discussion

Serena Williams and Patrick Mouratoglou

Wimbledon are against allowing coaching, but they will not stand in the way of its introduction should the other Grand Slams want to implement it.

Coaching is allowed on the WTA Tour but not at Grand Slams, and the issue has come into stark focus following Serena Williams’ fiery US Open final defeat to Naomi Osaka.

Philip Brook, the chairman of the Wimbledon board, sympathised with Williams, but is not sure whether the time would be right to change the rule.

“The situation is very confusing for everybody,” he admitted.

“Wimbledon and others think the time has come for an adult conversation across the sport to see where it goes.

“What we would like to learn from those who have conducted trials is, ‘OK, persuade us why it is a good idea’.

“There is more unilateral behaviour and discord among the governing bodies than I’ve seen in the sport in 20 years and I think it would be great if tennis could do a better job of coming together and trying to figure things out and try to act in the best interests of tennis.

“We [Wimbledon] are not necessarily the easiest of people to deal with. People might say, ‘Shall we all vote for coaching, it’s good for the sport’.

“We will say no, but if the rest of the sport say we want to do it and there are good reasons, then maybe Wimbledon should fit in.”

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