Andy Murray not a fan of changes to Wimbledon mixed doubles schedule as he suggests further tweaks

Andy Murray attends a press conference

Andy Murray has expressed reservations over the All England Club’s decision to move the Wimbledon mixed doubles final to an earlier time slot as he believes it will lead to a decrease in the number of top doubles players signing up.

The decision to introduce play on the middle Sunday has meant several changes as the 2022 The Championships will be a 14-day tournament.

The famous Wimbledon queues will return in 2022 as All England Club reveals changes to the schedule

The mixed doubles will be reduced to a 32-team draw and the final, which was traditionally the last match of the tournament, will move to the Thursday.

Murray believes the changes will have a knock on-effect on the number of top doubles players signing up for the mixed doubles.

In a series of Tweets he wrote: “I agree with the changes to mixed doubles making it a smaller draw but not moving final much earlier.

“I think if it started later due to the shorter draw you could make the sign in on Friday afternoon and it finished on Saturday/Sunday it would encourage more top players to play.”

He added: “Top players who have lost early in singles would be more inclined to play mixed in this scenario I believe.

“Right now the sign in for mixed is on Wednesday morning I think…so only top singles players who have lost in the first round may decide to play.

“If you change that to Friday/Saturday sign in you increase that pool of players significantly. More top doubles players would play in this scenario too I think?”