Andy Murray’s Wimbledon withdrawal will help him return to the top, says Roger Federer

Andy Murray thumbs up

Roger Federer has backed Andy Murray’s decision to skip Wimbledon, saying it can help him get back to the top of the world rankings.

Murray returned from a year out with a hip injury two weeks ago but opted to withdraw from Wimbledon, fearing his body was not yet up to the rigours of five-set tennis.

Federer, though, believes that’s the right call, saying: “Most important if he does return is he’s fully fit, because then anything is possible, especially for a former top guy.

“You have it. You don’t forget how to play tennis. It’s like riding a bike or brushing your teeth. It’s not like you’re going to all of a sudden rock up and forget about it all.

“I think the body just needs to be there. Seems right now it’s not the case.

“That’s the only advice I would give. I’ve realised that – that if you do come back too soon, it’s always a problem. I feel like it lingers more.

“I’m hopeful he’s going to feel better and better as time goes by. If that means he comes back in a month, that’s great. If he comes back in a year, well, so be it.

“I’m hopeful to see a fully fit Andy Murray again. That’s what I care about really as a fellow rival, friend, guy around who has been there before.”