Novak Djokovic fumes at Wimbledon despite comfortable first round win

Novak Djokovic looks on

Novak Djokovic eased into the second round at Wimbledon, before taking a swipe at pending Grand Slam rule changes.

The Serb easily overcame Tennys Sandgren 6-1 6-3 6-2 to set up a second round clash with Horacio Zaballos.

However, with the news that the US Open will introduce a 25-second shot clock from this year with Wimbledon to follow suit, Djokovic couldn’t help but vent his displeasure.

“I heard about that [the US open change] at the players’ council meeting some days ago,” Djokovic said.

“I obviously was not happy at all, just like all the other players in the council, for one very simple reason.
“Not because of the shot-clock, we could discuss that. It’s because we as players are never reached out, never advised.

“We are not participating in the conversation or decision-making.

“That’s something that is really frustrating, to be honest, from our perspective.

‘”Absolutely no say. Whatever a Grand Slam decides to do, they have 100 per cent power to do that.

“We’re not taking away that power or questioning that. We are just questioning why we are not approached, the actual people that make that show.

“I think it’s just them reaching out to us prior to making these kind of decision that are going to affect the play.

“It’s just important to have these conversations before you make any decisions.”