Rafael Nadal’s verdict on the the Grand Slam final set tie-break change

Rafael Nadal talks to the press

Rafael Nadal admits he is not too fussed about the decision to adopt the same final set tie-breaker rule at all four Grand Slams, saying the biggest impact is likely to be at Wimbledon.

The Grand Slam Board has opted for uniformity as the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and US Open will all use 10-point tie-breaker in the final set in future.

The rule change will come into effect at Roland Garros this year and will be trialled for a full Grand Slam calendar year before it is permanently introduced.

Wimbledon and other three Grand Slams confirm uniformity as they will use 10-point tie-breaks in final set

There was a shrug of the shoulders from 13-time French Open champion Nadal when he was asked about the change.

“Well, I don’t care much honestly. I honestly don’t have a clear opinion,” he said. “I am not in favour or not against. I think that’s what they decided. Happy with it or not? I don’t care. Honestly, I don’t think [it is] going to make a big difference.”

Roland Garros was the only major that didn’t have a final set tie-breaker in place with the other three Grand Slams using different variations of the tie-breaker to end matches, but Nadal says Wimbledon will be affected more than the French Open.

“I read that everyone going to be the same. In some way that’s positive. I don’t think in Roland Garros makes a big impact,” the 21-time Grand Slam winner said. “My opinion the biggest impact is going to be at Wimbledon. Sometimes it’s so difficult to break, so the matches become very long.”

He added: “But I don’t feel that for Roland Garros change a lot. “Okay, yes, can be a few more games, but I don’t feel in Roland Garros you going to go normally 22-20. In Wimbledon that can happen.”