Roger Federer on the Wimbledon bubble, Andy Murray and his push for title No 9

Roger Federer Wimbledon media duties

Roger Federer faced the media for his pre-Wimbledon press conference on Saturday and he touched on a variety of topics.

Here is the best of what the eight-time All England Club champion has to say ahead of his return to action at his favourite tournament.

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On living in the Wimbledon Covid bubble….

Living the bubble life is different. Took me some getting used to the first day or two, understanding where we’re allowed to go, what we’re allowed to do. Same thing with the on-site protocols. How does it work? By now I’ve gotten used to it. I’m embracing it. I’m okay with it. Feels totally different than the last 20 years here since I’ve been coming here. We would arrive with the family, kids would be running everywhere. We organized the grocery shopping, get the house set up and all that stuff. Here we’re with the team But look, I still feel a big privilege that I’m actually able to play Wimbledon. If I look back at everything that I went through for the last year and a bit more with the injury, also with the pandemic, it’s great that Wimbledon is back on. I’m happy I’m here.

On his practise set with Andy Murray on Friday….

It was very nice sharing the court again with Andy. We were trying to think when the last time was when we shared a practice court together. I thought it was the Australian Open in ’05 or something. He thought it was maybe Rome in ’06. We didn’t do it for a long time I thought he looked good. To be honest, you can see how comfortable he is on the grass. Clearly it’s just practice, we’re trying things. But I hope he can go deep here, have a nice run. Same for me. I think we always back our chances on this surface. But it was great spending time on the court again with Andy. It’s nice to see him out there.

On his ambitions for Wimbledon 2021….

I’m ready, I’m excited, I’m pumped up. I think I got to take the positives out of these last few weeks that I’m actually here at Wimbledon right now and I have a chance. I know if I get rolling, I get into the second week, which is the goal here right now, that I get stronger and stronger as every match goes by, I believe it’s very much possible. I come here feeling mentally strong.

Roger Federer on the grass

On playing until his 40th birthday…

Truthfully, I don’t think my goal was to play till, whatever, 39 or 40 or more. It was maybe more like 35 maybe I was thinking, which was already a high number at the time. Borg retired early. Agassi played a bit longer. Also Edberg and Becker and as well Pistol (Pete Sampras), they were all retiring earlier. I think I made the most of it on the tour. I enjoyed my travels, made it fun with Mirka and the family and the team. Persevered somehow. No, the goal was not to play until 40. This all mainly came the last years. I never thought also with the last surgeries I’ve had I would still be going.

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