Secrets of a Wimbledon ball boy – what’s Roger Federer really like?

A former ball boy at Wimbledon has revealed the best and worst tennis players to work matches for, and the answers… probably won’t shock you.

Speaking to Express Sport, the anonymous ball boy revealed that Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal are the true stand-up guys we all hope they would be.

“Roger Federer is an absolute gentleman in everything he does – and he was just like that with us.”

He added: “Rafa Nadal is great too. He asks for his towel a lot – in fact he has two he uses after every point – but I never had any problems with him.

“The only problem with doing one of Rafa’s matches are that he’s very OCD.”

The praise for Federer could possibly be considered a surprise, given his track record of testing the ball kids’ catching ability on court.

Meanwhile, Andy Murray and Nick Kyrgios came in for some criticism.

“The worst has to be Andy Murray,” the nameless ball boy continued.

“He can just be so grumpy on court. So can Nick Kyrgios too.”

If anybody is shocked by the news that Murray can be grumpy on court, well, there’s really nothing we can say.