Will Roger Federer get John McEnroe money from the BBC for Wimbledon gig?

Roger Federer celebrates

Former Wimbledon presenter Sue Barker has let slip that Roger Federer may join BBC’s Wimbledon coverage in 2023.

Federer is the best-paid tennis player of all-time and retains a number of his marketing relationships despite being retired from the sport.

One would expect though that some of his income from tennis may now start to drop away and he could be tempted to take up some commentary gigs.

The Swiss star has banked $131 million in prize money across his career, placing him third on the ATP Tour’s all-time list behind great rivals Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic.

He has become synonymous with Wimbledon and having his voice on the broadcast seems like a logical fit.

Barker herself stepped away from her Wimbledon duties after the 2022 with her role expected to be split among several new presenters including former international cricketer Isa Guha.

Federer has insisted that he wants to stay in touch with the game, with some floating his name as a future Team Europe team captain.

The enormous amount of money he has made from the game likely means that Federer will not want for anything in his retirement and he might not ask the same sort of fee that another Wimbledon legend commands.

John McEnroe is said to earn between £150,000 and £199,999 for his commentary work.

He also appears on other programming for the BBC and makes guest appearances in still more tennis media.

An outspoken figure, there has long been a keen interest in what McEnroe has to say, whether it is about the game or related issues.

During his playing career, McEnroe bagged north of $12 million in prize money after racking up 77 career singles titles.

His current net worth is estimated to be somewhere in the region of $100 million thanks to various commercial arrangements, appearance fees and royalties.

McEnroe has even appeared as a guitarist on the solo debut album of Chrissie Hynde, the former lead singer of The Pretenders.

His trademark temper tantrums have generated considerable opportunities, but McEnroe admits it is hard to watch himself years later.

While reviewing footage for an upcoming documentary, McEnroe remarked: “What are you? A stupid f***ing moron?”

McEnroe is set to open up on his life away from the court, which he says was often a shambles as he sought fulfilment in substance abuse and excess.

Now 63-years-old, McEnroe feels he has a better handle on his temper, even if he still speaks his mind and manages to get himself into trouble.

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