Wimbledon news: Dan Evans slams decision to only ask ‘bigger, better players’ for views on thorny issue

Dan Evans frustrated

He concedes it is a “difficult one”, but Dan Evans believes more players should have been consulted by the ATP before it went ahead with the decision to strip Wimbledon of ranking points.

The ATP as well as their women’s counterpart, WTA, on Friday opted to penalise Wimbledon for the All England Club’s decision to ban Russian and Belarusian players from competing at the grass-court Grand Slam in the wake of Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine.

World No 1 Novak Djokovic as well as Rafael Nadal had previously made it clear that they are not in favour of the ban by Wimbledon and would support any action by the ATP.

That action turned out to be the stripping of the points and many now believe that Wimbledon will be nothing more than an exhibition tournament this year.

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Evans revealed that he and several other players were not asked for their opinion about the issue.

“It’s not the right decision but it’s a difficult one,” he said. “Obviously everyone’s got an opinion. I want to be playing for points, obviously, but there’s obviously bigger things to this decision than me wanting points.

“I also don’t like it when the players are saying it’s a disgrace but don’t know the ins and outs of the issue. I would like to have more player input, but that wasn’t to be.

“Like most things, the bigger, better players were asked, and there’s quite a lot of other players on the tour as well as Rafa, Novak. So, which is disappointing, in my opinion, from the ATP.”

It was a similar story on the WTA as Great Britain’s Harriet Dart also revealed that she was not consulted.

Evans added: “But being better at tennis makes your opinion louder.

“Does it make it right or wrong? Does it mean it’s any better of an opinion than mine or Harriet Dart’s? And that was, in my opinion, disappointing that we weren’t asked. And that, as a Brit as well, I think we should have been asked.

“I don’t think it’s a players’ decision. But to hear it, it’s going to the way of no points through the press. We just ask for transparency and on this occasion it wasn’t there.”