Wimbledon goes hi-tech to provide new digital fan experiences with IBM

Wimbledon 2022

The All England Tennis Club and IBM are introducing new ways to enhance the experiences of Wimbledon fans around the globe with their “Win Factors” and “Have Your Say” features.

Global audiences will be able stay more informed and engaged with players, matches and The Championships thanks to IBM’s artificial intelligence (AI) and Cloud technology.

The comprehensive suite of digital fan experiences will include IBM Power Index with Watson, IBM Match Insights with Watson and Personalised Recommendations and Highlights Reels.

“Win Factors” will add enhanced explainability to “Match Insights” and, through the technology, fans will get better insight into the strengths and weaknesses in players’ games as well as information on court surface, ATP/WTA rankings, head-to-head, ratio of games won, net of sets won, recent performance, yearly success, and media punditry.

“Have Your Say” will give users the opportunity to register their own predictions for matches on the Wimbledon app and Wimbledon.com and it will gather data to predict a player’s chances of victory.

Alexandra Willis, Communications & Marketing Director, The All England Club, said: “Leveraging technology to help fans become more informed, engaged and involved throughout the Wimbledon Fortnight is at the core of our strategy to ensure we are leveraging innovation to keep Wimbledon relevant and deliver outstanding digital experiences for fans, wherever they may be.

“In partnership with IBM, we are thrilled to bring an even more dynamic and interactive digital experience to fans around the world this year as Wimbledon returns to full capacity.

“Core to these experiences is our ambition to help fans get closer to Wimbledon by understanding which players to follow and analyse, and inviting them to get involved with new match predictions and insights features, alongside our extensive scoring, news and video content across our channels.”

IBM Match Insights with IBM Watson
– Uses AI to generate a player factsheet for main draw singles matches, surfacing player insights, presenting the IBM Power Index and winner predictions.
– Features an ‘In the Media’ section that leverages IBM Watson Discovery to extract key insights about players from trusted news sources.
– Includes a ‘By the Numbers’ section that uses open-source AI to translate historical match statistics into player insights.
– Users can register their own predictions for match outcomes on the Wimbledon app and Wimbledon.com, through the Have Your Say feature.

Personalised Recommendations and Highlights Reels
– Once a fan has decided who to follow via the IBM Power Index, they can stay updated through a series of personalised recommendations and highlights reels.
– This enables fans to discover new players by making suggestions based on their current favourited players, the IBM Power Rankings, top players, country, and age.
– Includes links to other features such as the IBM Power Index Leaderboard and Match Insights with Watson. If you are registered with myWimbledon, you will receive personalised highlights based on the players you are following.