Exclusive – Myleene Klass believes Emma Raducanu can inspire a generation

Myleene Klass

Myleene Klass has revealed Emma Raducanu has inspired her own daughters to reach for the stars after her stunning win at the US Open.

Pop star turned female entrepreneur Klass has spoken exclusively to Tennis365 about the most talked about teenager in the world, who created one of the biggest stories in tennis history when she won her first Grand Slam as a qualifier in New York.

Speaking to us in association with CooperVision as she launched her campaign to raise awareness of the eye condition myopia, mother of three Klass could not contain her enthusiasm when talking about 18-year-old Raducanu.

“She has become a verb in our household,” former Hear’Say star Myleene said with a smile in our zoom call. “

“We are saying to my two girls that they can ‘Raducanu it’ when they tell me they can’t do something and she is just wonderful. She is such a phenomenal role model.

“I had one girl that looked like me when I was growing up in Norfolk and now my daughters have this incredible tennis player who is representing so many people.

“Emma spoke about her mental strength and everything she put onto our TV screens at the US Open encompasses everything about what we want to see in our kids as parents.

“You want your children to understand that it does take hard work and determination to succeed in life and how wonderful to do it at such a young age that she appreciates she has to look after her body and her mental health to achieve her goals.

“She speaks the same language as our children and is a perfect role model. Emma did so well in her A levels and is also such an inspiration on the tennis court, so she is a general all-round winner in life so far.

“She is an example of someone who has reached for the stars and got there and is proof that you don’t have to pigeonhole yourself. Emma tried many different sports, settled on tennis and what a great decision that was. It will be great watching her career develop from this amazing starting point.”

Klass has suffered with the eye condition myopia throughout her life, a condition that causes distant objects to appear blurred and she believes Raducanu’s success highlights the important of eye health for children.

“There may be another Emma out there, but she would not be able to realise her dreams if she had a problem with her eyes and couldn’t see the ball properly,” she added.

“You need to get your children checked early in their lives and make sure their eyesight is in good condition because without that, it can be a lifetime of headaches and bumping into things, so we need to take our eye health very seriously.”

Myleene Klass is partnering with CooperVision MiSight 1 day® contact lenses, in a campaign to raise awareness of the increase of myopia in children and the ability to slow its progression with their specialist contact lenses. For expert advice and to hear Myleene’s experience of growing up with myopia, visit www.coopervision.co.uk/brilliantfutures.