Picking the right tennis racket made easy by Babolat’s Wimbledon collection

Karolina Pliskova plays with a Babolat Pure Drive

Only a handful of tennis rackets have official Wimbledon branding, with Babolat’s collection making it easy for players of all levels of the game to pick their perfect on-court weapon.

It can be a minefield to pick the racket that suits your game, with different weights, string tensions and balance options ensuring you need to immerse yourself in tennis knowledge to get try and work out what may work for you.

Yet the Babolat Wimbledon collection simplifies that choice, with their three primary options offering a racket for newcomers to the game, intermediate players and more advanced competitors.

All rackets come with classic designs that tap into Wimbledon’s distinctive and eye-catching purple branding, with the Evoke, Boost and Pure Drive Lite rackets giving a wide range of benefits for players of all abilities.

Babolat’s Wimbledon racket collection

Tennis365 got a chance to try out their three rackets during our time covering Wimbledon 2021 and here is our verdict:

Babolat Evoke – £50

This is listed aa a beginner racket, but it didn’t feel like that during our test. Weighing £275g and with a 16/19 string pattern, this felt like a racket that would suit better players as it offered good stablity during shots and at £50, this is a racket that could be erfect for players looking to move up the singles ladders at their club or make a move into a higher double league team.

Our verdict: A great value racket that is one of the best of its type in this price range.

Babolat Boost – £90

With its 100% graphite construction and oval frame, the new Boost Wimbledon line is aimed at improving recreational players looking for a high-performance racket that is accessible and easy to use. At 260g with a 680cm² head, the Boost racket combines power and forgiveness, making it ideal for competitive players looking to gain an advantage all around the court.

Our verdict: This racket gave real pop on shots and at £90, is a great value racket.

Babolat Pure Drive Lite – £175

Karolina Pliskova use a Babolat Pure Drive with Wimbledon colour design in her run to this year’s Ladies’ Singles final and this version of the racket is a slightly lighter version.


A lighter high-performance racket for better manoeuvrability. The Pure Drive Lite lets players enjoy their game and hit all their tennis strokes with great ease you can feel the quality of strike on the ball when you hit with this frame.

The bigger sweet-spot means maximum power and durability for all players and while the price is a step up from the Evoke and Boost rackets, there is so much more technology ploughed into this racket to ensure it gives more advanced players an extra edge on court.

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