The ultimate guide to the best tennis trainers on the market


Tennis players of all levels need to have each facet of their on-court equipment in order to get the best out of their game and their shoes are an area of vital importance.

Tennis 365 has previously looked into the technology of the tennis shoe in recent years, with our chat with Rene Zandbergen, senior Manager, ASICS Footwear, giving us an insight into how much work goes into producing the perfect tennis trainer.

Now we are giving you the ultimate guide to the best trainers on the market, with the style of game you play significantly affects the type of shoe you might need.

Baseliners need a hard-wearing trainer, while players who rush the net and use their speed around the court may need something a little more flexible, so here is your Tennis365 guide to the best products on the market:

Babolat SFX3 All Court Wimbledon

Babolat SFX3 All Court Wimbledon

This tennis shoe could double as a slipper! It feels so light on the foot, comfortable to run in and offers great support for the key movements in the game.

Whether you have a wider-than-average foot or your priority is to feel comfortable in your shoes, the SFX 3 is THE shoe you need.

Tennis365 tried this shoe out during our time working on site at Wimbledon earlier this month and we loved what we saw.

ASICS Solution Speed FF 2 

ASICS new Solution Speed FF trainers

Novak Djokovic is a key member of the ASICS family of tennis professionals and he has a big input into how his personal collection of trainers is assembled.

Djokovic’s style of fast running and sliding play means he needs the right equipment on his feet to get the best results and he is happy to promote the importance of his association with ASICS.

Djokovic has his own collection of ASICS trainers, but we like the Solution Speed FF footwear, which offers comfort and flexibility for players of all abilities.

ADIDAS Barricades

The standard-bearers for tennis trainers over many years, some of the game’s biggest names have been wearing Barricades when they have won Grand Slam titles.

Sturdy at the base and offering good support to the foot as you move around the court, these trainers are not idea to wear away from a tennis environment as they are not as light as the Babolat and ASICS shoe mentioned above.

That said, tennis players have long worn the Adidas Barricade range and they continue to offer a wide collection of offerings.

NikeCourt Zoom Vapor Cage 4 Rafa

Rafael Nadal’s on court footwear

Rafael Nadal puts his body through great strain over a course of a match, so his Nike trainers are key to ensuring he stays injury-free.

This latest version of his Nike collection has been innovated to withstand your toughest matches—thanks to an updated design that puts flexible, durable materials exactly where they’re needed the most.

With Nadal’s signature on the shoe, it is certain to be a big hit with fans of the Spanish maestro.

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