‘A game changer’ – Nick Bollettieri and Patrick Mouratoglou on the tool that could transform tennis

It is the tool that has the potential to transform the way tennis players of all levels practice, with a host of star names rushing to endorse its the potential impact of the Slinger Bag.

While ball feeding machines have long had a place in the armoury of top coaches, the newest product to hit the tennis market takes the affordability and efficiency of that product to a whole new level.

With a slick design, a remote control starting console, the ability to chance the speed and height of the ball’s trajectory as it is fired towards you and an oscillating base to add to its maneuverability, Slinger Bag could be described as the ultimate tennis gadget, but it is so much more than that.

Legendary tennis coach Nick Bollettieri honed the skills of Andre Agassi, Maria Sharapova and many more big names in his remarkable career, with the American telling us that Slinger Bag will be a game-changing tool for players of all levels.


“Tennis has long been a game that needs two people, but all that has changed with the Slinger Bag,” Bollettieri told us. “It gives you a chance to have a great session hitting balls and also an amazing workout at the same time.

“You can take it to the club when you have an hour in your day and get your practice in without needing to find a practice partner and that’s why this can be a game-changer.

“Also, as a coach, the benefit of standing next to your student as they are hitting the ball and seeing what they are doing wrong up close is such an important part of coaching. That will allow you to see small details that you might miss on the other side of the net.

‘This is a new product so I think the people at Slinger Bag will gets tips from the people using it around the world and I really feel it can be a big game-changer for coaches and players of all levels.”

Bollettieri’s endorsement has now been backed up by Slinger Bag’s latest ambassador, with Serena Williams’ coach Patrick Mouratoglou showing his weight behind the brand.

“As a coach, I am always looking for new and unique training equipment – equipment that has the ability to assist players, across all levels, to improve their game,” said Mouratoglou. “Today, although I now predominantly train high-level athletes, I continue to value and appreciate brands that think outside of the box and create products that support younger players in realising their talent.

“Slinger Bag is unique, in that it is a product I would use with my current professional athletes but would also recommend to younger players just starting their careers. Slinger Bag’s versatility, along with it being incredibly portable and very affordable, is key to why I believe the Slinger Bag will be a game-changing product for tennis as well as for other sports.

“I’m delighted to be working with Slinger Bag to encourage new players to take up tennis, enjoy this great sport and to encourage the improved levels of performance of all players globally.”

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Tennis365 has been given a Slinger Bag to review and later this week, we will be giving our verdict on the toy every tennis fan of all ages will want to have.

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