Tennis365’s guide to tennis gadgets: From the Tile Pro to the Head tennis ball pick up tube and the Deuce app

Tennis Racket Pro White

Wimbledon lived up to its billing in the grand manner this summer, as the brilliance of Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal was matched by first-time Ladies champion Simona Halep, who produced a vintage performance to beat Serena Williams to lift the title.

The tennis jamboree at the All England club always encourages a fresh wave of tennis hopefuls to take to the court and after you have bought your racket and cracked out a brand new tin of balls, you might go in search of some additions to your equipment to take your enjoyment of the game to the next level.

Here is your Tennis365 guide to the gadgets that add to the fun of a visit to your local club:
Tile Pro for tennis – £27.99
Tile has become the ultimate assistant for those of us who have a habit of misplacing our keys or glasses and now they are encouraging tennis fans to attach their handy gadget to their tennis bag. Attach your Tile Pro to your tennis bag, which will allow you to call it via your mobile phone if you are struggling to remember where you last left it, or if it has been stolen.
Tennis Racket Pro White

Zepp Tennis 2 Swing Analyzer – £99.00
Zepp Tennis 2 is an evolution of the world’s most powerful swing analyzer. Track practice and match statistics, and compare against other players to gain powerful insights about your performance instantly. With new Smart Capture technology, Zepp’s powerful video tools automatically film every swing and allow you attach many cool effects on your highlights. Simply attach the sensor to your racquet and let Zepp help you become the player you aspire to be.
Zepp 2 Tennis Swing Analyser

Head tennis ball pick up tube – £19.99
Bending down to collect dozens of balls in a practice session can become tiresome, so this handy pick up tube solves that problem. Simply plant the tube on top of the ball and it will be collected for you, with 16 balls in total fitting into this neat device.

This tube also comes with a three-metre marking so you can check your net height easily and conveniently.
Head pick up tube

Babolat Play Pure Drive Lite Tennis Racket – £174.99
Babolat Play is the result of 10 years of research, testing and work by Babolat. It is the first connected racket and marks a major milestone in the evolution of tennis rackets. Indeed, the International Tennis Federation (ITF) has approved the use Babolat Play during its matches.

Pure Drive Lite is equipped with sensors throughout the racket and these sensors record information that can either be projected live to a mobile device or downloaded to the PLAY app which presents your with invaluable analysis of your game.
Babolat Play Pure Drive Lite Tennis Racket

Deuce tennis app – free to download
Two-time Wimbledon champion Andy Murray has invested in this tennis app that aims to put players together of a similar standard for friendly matches.

Murray’s backing has given the project a huge profile lift and he is fully behind the plan as he stated: “There are lots of schemes out there for encouraging participation but this is the first time I’ve backed something like this.

“The team behind Deuce are really impressive and they have a working knowledge of tennis and tennis clubs in this country so they really understand the issues and the potential. We need to fill empty courts with people playing more often and Deuce uses today’s technology to do this in a simple, welcoming and affordable way.”
Andy Murray hitting balls PA

Tennis Baseliner Slam Tennis Ball Machine – £299.00
The Baseliner Slam will consistently and reliably deliver whatever you need across the court to take your game to the next level.
It offers variable speeds, is fully adjustable for low and high lofted shots, can hold up to 24 balls in one hitting session and has adjustable tripod/launch height.

If you are struggling to find a regular hitting partner, this could be the solution to your problems.

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