Andy Murray makes a big move in padel after announcing new team

Kevin Palmer
Andy and Jamie Murray
Andy and Jamie Murray playing padel

Tennis legend Andy Murray is a big fan of padel and now he is taking a bigger step into the sport by starting up his own team.

Two-time Wimbledon champion Murray is already an investor in the Game4Padel brand that is helping to transform the fledgeling sport in the UK.

Now he is deepening his involvement in padel with the launch of Team AD/vantage, which has been revealed as the fourth confirmed franchise team to enter the innovative new Hexagon Cup tournament, taking place in Madrid in February, 2024.

A mix between tennis and squash, padel is a fast-paced racket sport, with the court surrounded by a glass wall that has isnpired suggestions it is a cross between tennis and squash.

Hundreds of padel courts have been installed over the last couple of years and more are coming on board heading into 2024.

The backing of big names like Murray is helping to raise the profile of the sport and now Murray is setting into the competitive world of padel with Team AD/vantage.

“I’m excited to become part of the ownership group for a team in the inaugural Hexagon Cup,” said Murray.

“I invested in Game4Padel a few years ago to help try and grow the sport in the UK – it’s already huge in South America, the Middle East and parts of Europe.

“I love the fact it’s easy to play, fun and social, so it will get people of all ages and abilities picking up a racket and giving it a go.

“I’m working with friends of mine at AD Global Sports, and together we’ll have fun over the next few years as we build a successful team and competition, while also helping grow the sport.”

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Murray will help bring a new fan following to the tournament, which also counts the Rafa Nadal Academy by Richard Mille, RL9 by Barcelona footballer Robert Lewandowski, and a fan-led Hexagon Cup team as confirmed entries. Two final teams are being finalised and will be revealed next week.

In addition to Andy Murray, Team AD/vantage will bring in other ambassadors from the sports and entertainment space to support the team and add a UK flavour to the Hexagon Cup team roster.

Each of the six Hexagon Cup teams has selected two franchise players, a male and a female who act as team captains.

Team owners along with their franchise players, will select the team’s remaining four team mates; one male, one female, and two ‘next gen’ (under 22 years old) during the player Draft, taking place at the end of November. In a unique decision, the fans will have the final responsibility to choose the players who will make up the Hexagon Cup team.

During the tournament itself, the Hexagon Cup’s six teams will be divided into two qualifying groups, competing in a series of exciting head-to-head matches. Only the top two teams from each group will advance to the finals, where the inaugural Hexagon Cup champion will be crowned, with a prize purse of €1 million up for grabs.

The first edition of the Hexagon Cup will take place at the historic Madrid Arena, an ideal setting to create a great spectacle.