Morgan Riddle reveals how boyfriend Taylor Fritz feels about her growing fame

Kevin Palmer
Morgan Riddle at the Australian Open
Morgan Riddle at the Australian Open

She has become one of the most famous faces of tennis over the last couple of years and now Morgan Riddle has revealed how boyfriend Taylor Fritz feels about her growing fame.

Riddle shot to prominence with her initial posts on social media after she started dating world No 9 Fritz, as she made some less-than-flattering remarks about tennis that suggested she was not a big fan of the sport.

Now she seems to have embraced the lifestyle tennis gives her, as she travels to some of the world’s more interesting locations and stays in luxury hotels while her boyfriend does his thing on the court.

Morgan’s stunning looks and her appearances on the Netflix series Break Point have helped her to attract an Instagram following of over 240k and she insists Fritz is not jealous of the attention she gets.

“There are some men that would not like the attention that I get, especially since it’s involving his sport,” she told Elite Daily.

“Tennis is his thing — it’s something he’s worked for his whole life. So, when I first started, I was always checking, “Are you cool with this?” He was so supportive. He doesn’t mind at all.”

When asked about the good and bad points of the tennis tour, Morgan suggested the abuse she gets for being a tennis WAG is a constant issue.

“The best thing is getting to travel and see the world. Tokyo is probably both my and my boyfriend’s favourite place to go to. We like the food there, and the people are so nice.

“The worst thing is trying to stay sane with all of the travel, jet lag, and exhaustion.

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“Also, A lot of people have this idea that if you’re a WAG, you just follow your partner around. You don’t do anything, you live off of them, you don’t make your own money, you don’t have your own life. I’ve gotten bullied about it.

“A lot of people think that you just coast, but it’s a full-time job — at least in tennis. Taylor has his own personal team that only works with him. As his partner, you are a part of that team. I was literally texting his coach this morning.

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“I am very on top of him, and I do a lot to help. Making sure he is going to bed at the right time. Making sure he’s eating well. Making sure all the accommodations are set up. I’m very Type A and organized. He is the opposite, but you need both to balance out.”

Fritz spoke to Tennis365 about his relationship with Morgan last year, as he suggested tennis needs to reach out to a new audience and Morgan’s social media presence could help to do that.

“When I think back to tennis players and sports stars that I admired or paid attention to it was always because firstly I valued their abilities on the court or on the field, and secondly because I connected with their story and the stories of those around them,” Fritz told us.

“Tennis has to do a better job in telling those stories. If you look at F1 now for example, people are captivated by F1 because Drive to Survive did an amazing job of letting people into that world and told the stories of the drivers.

“Now the fans feel more connected than ever because they know the man under the helmet, and because of that, they feel more invested.

“I grew up gaming a lot (still do) and watching YouTube videos and YouTube creators, so I know how many alternative entertainment options there are out there for young people.

“We as a sport have to figure out how to better reach that audience and bring a younger crowd into tennis. I don’t know what the answer is, but we have to make some changes to find a better balance between the great traditions of tennis, which I love and value, and what that new audience is looking for.”