Nick Kyrgios heads trio of tennis stars among Australia’s most famous athletes

Nick Kyrgios in action
Nick Kyrgios in action on the ATP Tour

A new study claims to have nailed down who the most famous sports stars to come from Australia are with three tennis stars in the top ten and Nick Kyrgios coming in second overall.

Kyrgios finished behind Formula 1 driver Daniel Ricciardo at the top of the list and two more tennis stars occupy the top ten.

The retired Ash Barty remains among the top ten while Alex de Minaur also cracks the elite section.

The study was condicted by Australian sports betting experts BettingTop10 Australia and factored in multiple Australian sports stars’ social media presence, engagement, and Google search data to create what they label as a ‘definitive index ranking their fame and influence’.

“Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram followers, along with the number of likes, comments, and engagement rate over the past seven days, were determined.

“These counts were subsequently incorporated into an index and subjected to a logarithmic transformation to mitigate skewed distribution.

“The average monthly search volumes for keywords in Australia over the past 12 months were obtained for each sportsperson.

“These search volumes were aggregated by the sportsperson and then included in the index after undergoing a logarithmic transformation.”

Daniel Ricciardo, a Formula 1 driver and eight-time Grand Prix winner, is in first position with an impact score of 87.53 out of 100. The Perth native has more than 13 million social media followers, which is more than half of Australia’s total population.

Kyrgios, who scored 80.33 out of 100, is ranked second. The controversial star withdrew from Wimbledon at the beginning of July as he struggles with injury, but it didn’t stop him from topping the list of most-searched sports figures, with over 311,000 searches coming from Australia alone in the last year.

Ben Simmons, a professional basketball player, came in third with a score of 77.85. With more than 8.8 million followers, the Brooklyn Nets player has the second-highest amount of followers on social media.

Sam Kerr, a football player, is not far behind in fourth place with a score of 75.21 out of 100 for influence. Nearly 1.8 million people follow the Chelsea forward’s numerous official social media profiles.

Cricket naturally has its place among the elite as well with Pat Cummins, who received a score of 75.18 out of 100, in fifth place. Ellyse Perry, who had a score of 74.77 out of 100, came in sixth.

MMA fighter Robert Whittaker finished in seventh place with a score of 69.89 out of 100.

Former World No 1 Ash Barty, who had a score of 69.6, is in eighth position.

Rounding off the tennis influence, Alex de Minaur took ninth place with a score of 68.66 out of 100. With a total score of 65.06 out of 100, Nathan Lyon comes in at number ten to complete the list.

It’s interesting to see note Nick Kyrgios topped the list of most searched athletes, with 311,343 searches just from Australia in the last year about the tennis player. With 191,179 searches coming only from Australia during the past 12 months, Daniel Ricciardo trails in second position for total searches.

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