Padel event featuring teams backed by Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray set to hit TV screens

Andy and Jamie Murray

The Hexagon Cup, the innovative new padel tournament taking place in February 2024, will be screened on Eurosport with streaming on the Eurosport App and discovery+.

In what is being hailed as a big moment for the growing sport of padel, the backing of a heavyweight television company is set to propel the game into millions of homes as it continues its rapid development.

A mix between tennis and squash, padel is a fast-paced racket sport, with the court surrounded by a glass wall that has isnpired suggestions it is a cross between tennis and squash.

This agreement will see the event reach 64 markets across Europe and Asia and a household audience of 160 million people, which will bring the event’s innovative and fast-paced padel action to a widespread audience and solidify the Hexagon Cup’s status as an important event in the world of racquet sports.

“We are thrilled to partner with Warner Bros. Discovery for the broadcast of the Hexagon Cup,” said Simon Freer, Chairman of Hexagon Cup.

“This collaboration represents a significant milestone for the Hexagon Cup and padel as a whole. Warner Bros. Discovery’s extensive reach and commitment to delivering high-quality sports content provides a fantastic opportunity for both seasoned fans and newcomers to engage with the sport we love.”

Through the new agreement, padel fans can stream the round robin qualifying and Finals across Europe (excluding Spain), and linear coverage of the Men’s and Women’s Final on a delayed basis on Eurosport 1 and Eurosport Asia, allowing viewers to experience the excitement of the Hexagon Cup across all platforms. A tournament review show will also be aired following the tournament.

Padel is the world’s fastest-growing global sport, with conversations increasingly moving towards it becoming a future Olympic sport.

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The Hexagon Cup has gained widespread acclaim for its innovative and equality-based team format, top-tier padel players, and celebrity teams including the prestigious names of the Rafa Nadal Academy powered by Richard Mille team, RL9 by the Barcelona FC footballer Robert Lewandowski, Team AD/vantage by legendary tennis player Andy Murray, ElevenEleven Team USA, owned by U.S actress Eva Longoria, Team Bella Puerto Rico, owned by Puerto Rican businessmen María Esteve and Carlos López-Lay, and a fan-led Hexagon Cup team.

“I’m excited to become part of the ownership group for a team in the inaugural Hexagon Cup,” said Murray.

“I invested in Game4Padel a few years ago to help try and grow the sport in the UK – it’s already huge in South America, the Middle East and parts of Europe.

“I love the fact it’s easy to play, fun and social, so it will get people of all ages and abilities picking up a racket and giving it a go.

“I’m working with friends of mine at AD Global Sports, and together we’ll have fun over the next few years as we build a successful team and competition, while also helping grow the sport.”

Born under the motto “For the Fans. For the Players. For the Game”, the Hexagon Cup features six teams, each featuring a male, female and Next Gen pair who compete for an impressive prize pool of one million euros, creating an exciting team competition and a unique experience for fans.

For its first event, the Hexagon Cup will take over the country’s historic Madrid Arena from January 31 to February 4. During the tournament itself, the six teams will be divided into two qualifying groups and compete in a series of exciting head-to-head matchups. Only the top two teams from each group will advance to the finals, where the inaugural Hexagon Cup champion will be crowned.