Watch: Taylor Fritz gives girlfriend Morgan Riddle a coaching session

Morgan Riddle

Morgan Riddle is fast becoming a tennis influencer as she brings her candid commentary on professional tennis to social media while globetrotting with her boyfriend Taylor Fritz.

Fritz has committed some of his time to coaching Riddle to get her court ready.

Riddle shared a short clip of their session and thanked her partner for his patience.

Fritz assessed that she has been making progress in her ball-striking and in time she will be ready to get out on court in earnest.

@moorrgs there is improvement @celsiusofficial #celsiuslivefit #celsiusbrandpartner ♬ I Think I Like When It Rains – WILLIS

Morgan Riddle has been a breath of fresh air as she provides an alternative viewpoint on tennis events while her videos take tennis to a new audience.

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Naturally, she has been subject to blowback from social media trolls, but she has taken this in her stride.

She recently hit back at those who had a problem with the profile she has gained.

Hitting back at trolls, Morgan Riddle wrote: “All the misogynist men on twitter who say i do absolutely nothing for the sport — The World Clown Association is bringing together all types of clowns for its 40th annual convention,” quoting a tweet by the NPR.

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Taylor Fritz has set out his stall to try and push tennis to new heights of popularity, and he also commended his partner’s role in winning him and the sport new fans.

“It’s always been one of my goals to just see tennis grow and make tennis more popular outside of the casual tennis fan. I wanted tennis to become a more well-known and talked about sport in the US,” Fritz told the Tennis Channel.

“She’s always known that that’s been one of my goals, and she’s kind of done a really good job of finding this niche of content and, I guess, trying to popularize tennis,” Fritz remarked.

“It’s been really great. Impressive as well with what she’s been able to do and generate a lot of hype for tennis. You know, reach people that, I guess, tennis normally wouldn’t reach.”

Fans and followers of Morgan Riddle can look forward to more fresh content from her as the season progresses.

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