The story behind Alexander Zverev’s passionate girlfriend Sophia Thomalla

Sophia Thomalla is Alexander Zverev's firlfriend

She struggles to contain her passion to support her boyfriend Alexander Zverev when he is in the heat of battle on the court, with model and actress Sophia Thomalla emerging as a key figure the life of the German tennis star.

Zverev’s private life has been the subject of much debate since he rose to the top of tennis, with inflammatory accusations surrounding the end of a previous relationship with Olya Sharypova continuing to be a talking point.

Yet the 25-year-old has confirmed he has found happiness with German actress, model, and television presenter, who has been his partner since 2021.

This is not Sophia’s first high-profile relationship with a sports star, as she previously dated Liverpool keeper Loris Karius and she was previously married to Norwegian music star Andy LaPlegua.

Now she has found love with Zverev and she has confirmed has passionate she is about her man with her vocal support for him as he battles it out on court.

The 33-year-old was spotted screaming with joy and excitement as Zverev took on Daniil Medvedev in an epic contest at the Monte Carlos Masters earlier this month and she has confirmed that the pair have become inseparable.

“There are two particularly blatant life lives that are meeting,” Sophia told RTL. “Alex, with the incredible sports consistency he has and the continuity he has to pull through over and over again – and my life is anything but continuous.

“That’s why it’s particularly important to enjoy even the simplest things together. Because we don’t have a simple life together.”

Zverev went in to suggest his big ankle injury at the French Open last year was a big moment in his life, with Sophia crucial to getting him back on track.

“The injury changed me,” said Zverev. “She (Sophia) gave me a chance to realize there’s a lot more out there than tennis.”

Sophia’s emotional reaction in the stands has been the focus of many a camera lens in recent months and we can expect more of the same in the next few weeks as we head into the French Open and then Wimbledon.

With an impressive 1.3million followers on Instagram, she is chasing down Zverev’s 1.8million followed and it is clear that this tennis power couple are good for each other.

Zverev’s has not made too many comments about his latest relationship, after the split with Sharypova became such a high profile story three years ago.

After Zverev was accused of domestic abuse by his former partner, the ATP investigated the claims and confirmed they would take no action as they found there was “insufficient evidence” to prove the allegations.

An independent investigation began in October 2021 which focused on alleged abuse at the ATP Masters 1000 event in Shanghai in 2019, as well as other locations including Monaco, New York and Geneva.

However, it was unable to substantiate the allegations and as a result no disciplinary action will be taken by the ATP, the governing body announced on Tuesday.

ATP chief executive Massimo Calvelli said in a statement: “The seriousness and complexity of these allegations required an extremely thorough investigative process and considerable resources.

“It also required us to turn to specialist investigators, which was new ground for ATP.

“We ultimately believe the exhaustive process was necessary to reach an informed judgement.

“It has also shown the need for us to be more responsive on safeguarding matters. It is the reason we’ve taken steps in that direction, with a lot of important work still ahead.”

Zverev, who rose to world number two last year, has played just one tournament since suffering a serious ankle injury against Rafael Nadal at the French Open in June.

In a statement, Zverev said: “From the beginning, I have maintained my innocence and denied the baseless allegations made against me. I welcomed and fully cooperated with the ATP’s investigation and am grateful for the organisation’s time and attention in this matter.

“This decision marks a third, neutral, third-party arbiter who has reviewed all relevant information and made a clear and informed decision on this matter in my favor. In addition to the ATP’s independent investigation, I have also initiated court proceedings in Germany and Russia, both of which I have won.

“I am grateful that this is finally resolved and my priority now is recovering from injury and concentrating on what I love most in this world — tennis.

“I want to thank my friends, family and fans for their ongoing support. We followed the long and difficult process and justice has prevailed.”

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