Wilson expand their padel range with Fernando Belasteguín collection

Wilson padel

The drive to spread the word of padel around the globe is gathering momentum and Wilson are leading the way after launching a sparkling new collection endorsed by Fernando Belasteguín.

Argentina star Belasteguín was the youngest player to hold a World No. 1 title at 22 years old and he continued his legendary status in the sport by remaining at the top of the game for two decades.

Now 43, he remains a prominent figure in the game and his new collection with world-leading sporting giants Wilson highlights his enduring appeal.

The collection presents four new padel rackets (Bela Elite v2, Bela LT v2, Bela Team v2 and Bela Junior v2).

This assortment is in addition to the Bela Pro v2 padel racket, launched in December 2022 and played by Bela in the Premier Padel in Milan and the WPT Masters in Barcelona.

This range of padel rackets was made to reach all levels of players, from beginners or occasional players who need a padel racket that they can trust, to advanced players looking for maximum power and control.

The collection also features a new red model of the Bela Pro footwear, in addition to the already available colourways in black, and in blue and white for the Argentina special edition. The Bela Pro footwear is specifically designed for the movements made when playing padel.

“After two years of working with Bela, we are very proud to present the new Bela v2 collection, a technological evolution compared to Bela v1 and a revolution in design,” says the Wilson Padel Global Business Director, Iñaki Cabrera.

“This collection, co-designed with the best padel player of all time, is for everyone and is one more step in our daily obsession to innovate and improve the experience of the entire community of players

“I have always been interested in the design and development of padel products and I am very happy to be able to contribute with my experience to bring the best high-performance products to the market together with Wilson. I live and practice sports with all my heart and that’s why I love the new colour of the collection so much” says Fernando Belasteguín.

The collection also includes a padel bag, a backpack and a duffle bag for on and off the court. All products are now available at wilson.com worldwide as well as select wholesale partners.

The new padel range adds to Wilson’s wide offering in the sport, with Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp among those who has his own padel racket collection with the brand.

A cross between tennis and squash, played on a court surrounded by a heavy-duty glass surround that allows players to hit the ball after it bounces back off the wall, padel originally started in Mexico and quickly swept through South America and then into Europe.

And according to former British No 1 tennis player Annabel Croft, it has the potential to be a major force on the British sporting landscape in the coming years.

“There is a lot of momentum behind padel now,” said Croft. “You hear more and more people talking about it. I hear lots of young people talking about padel and wanting to get into it.

“It really feels like the game is on an upward curve. It can engage with people who might find tennis too difficult and that’s the beauty of padel.

“Each time I play padel, I come off with a big smile on my face. It is very similar skills to tennis because of all the volleying and the touch and feel.

“I haven’t quite mastered the back wall yet, but it is a very social game. There are always a lot of smiles on court and it is a great game. I really enjoy it.”