Why Emma Raducanu’s tennis racket slices a blade through the opposition

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Tennis365 reviews the Wilson Blade V9
Tennis365 reviews the Wilson Blade V9

It is the racket that fired Aryna Sabalenka to 2024 Australian Open glory and propelled Stefanos Tsitsipas to Monte Carlo Masters success last month – now the Wilson Blade V9 has been given the Tennis365 treatment.

2021 US Open champion Emma Raducanu is another who uses the Wilson Blade franchise that has established itself as the most used racket on both the ATP and WTA Pro Tours.

Serena Williams notably chose a prototype of the original Blade to secure victory at the 2007 Australian Open, marking the beginning of a remarkable journey.

The American icon went on to win 16 of her 23 Grand Slam singles titles with various versions of the Blade, cementing its place in history as the ultimate weapon of choice for champions.

Our pals at Wilson sent us the brand new Blade with an 18×20 string pattern and we got our in-house LTA-qualified Level 2 coach Kevin Palmer to test it out.


In the dynamic world of tennis, Wilson continues to build on nearly 20 years of dominance with the introduction of the Blade v9 – the ninth iteration in the celebrated Blade franchise.

This isn’t just a tennis racket; it’s a powerful stride toward excellence on the court, tailored for high-level players looking to level up in 2024 and beyond.

With a new season of challenges and triumphs on the horizon, now is the perfect time to give yourself an upgrade worthy of the pros.

The Blade v9 is meticulously designed with the same careful consideration as past models while also incorporating updated and innovative features such as the revolutionary StableFeel technology and a Dynamic Emerald Night Green matte finish.

Its sleek design not only catches the eye, but also reflects the power and sophistication that the Blade v9 unlocks on the court.

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The Blade v9 is engineered to elevate the game of those who seek nothing but excellence. Tailored for competitive, high-level players, the ultimate goal of the v9 is to instil unwavering confidence during pivotal moments.

Whether you’re a rising star on the junior circuit, a collegiate player refining your skills, or a seasoned pro competing at the highest levels, the design of the Blade v9 caters to the nuanced needs of individuals who thrive in the competitive arena.

The defining feature of the v9 is the enhanced stability that leads to increased feel and control over the ball at contact. Despite fast-speed swings, the v9 ensures a more connected-to-the-ball feel for the players who wield it.


The Blade v9 is built on a legacy that starts with the racket’s debut in 2006 and includes players of great caliber. Wilson developed the Blade in response to a shift in tennis in the early 2000s from a serve and volley style to aggressive baseliners dominating.

As the game got faster, players started using more spin and power to craft shots that were previously thought impossible.

Thus, the Blade emerged as a tool to give advanced players the feel and control they needed to swing fast and hit punishing grounds that finished points in a variety of ways.

Unique to the Blade v9 racket line, StableFeel enhances the v9’s frame stability for a more connected feel, offering players unparalleled control and confidence with every stroke. Players will especially notice more control on off center hits compared to the previous Blade v8 line.

*Pros often customize the rackets they use. Racket specifications on endorsed consumer models may vary from the models used by pros for match play.


The Blade has always been about the feel, and that hasn’t changed with the v9.

The flexibility and stability of the Blade is designed to give aggressive players more connectivity with the ball.

Feeling the vibration of the ball on the racket’s string bed is what helps these players to feel more confident with aggressive swings.

Backed by the legacy of the most popular racket on the pro tour circuit and equipped with new features including StableFeel technology and a striking matte green finish, the v9 is your key to unlocking a future defined by victory and unparalleled performance on the court.


It is easy to see why so many top players use this racket as instantly it gives your shots more punch.

Getting the right stings in the frame is crucial and we used Luxilon ALU Power, with the pop coming off the racket delivering impressive results.

Finding the right balance between the frame and the string that suits your game is crucial, so chat to your coach and stringer about the options before you load up your Blade V9.

Overall, this racket feels great in the hand and offers control and power in equal measure, ensuring it is an upgrade on what is already a legendary frame.