Novak Djokovic at the 2023 ATP Finals
Shahida Jacobs

The 9 oldest No 1s in men’s tennis: Novak Djokovic breaks Roger Federer’s record

Novak Djokovic has broken another hugely impressive record previously held by Roger Federer.
Soccer icon David Beckham is a huge tennis fan
Kevin Palmer

David Beckham toasts ‘bucket list moment’ as he meets his tennis icon

Tennis fan David Beckham was delighted to meet one of his heroes.
Brad Gilbert and Coco Gauff
Ewan West

Brad Gilbert addresses calls to ‘fix’ Coco Gauff’s forehand as he reveals his one coaching regret

"Not everybody is like Rafa that can make changes all the time. Andre was another one that liked to tinker."
Andre Agassi and Carlos Alcaraz at The Netflix Slam
Ewan West

Carlos Alcaraz reveals tips he received from tennis great Andre Agassi

"I ask him for a few tips, a few things about how he was doing during his career, how he dealt with the pressure."
Coco Gauff Brad Gilbert
Ewan West

Brad Gilbert identifies ‘big-time trait’ Coco Gauff shares with Andre Agassi

"I told her, ‘The pursuit of perfection doesn’t exist. It makes you miserable."
Andre Agassi and Carlos Alcaraz at The Netflix Slam
Shahida Jacobs

Tennis legend Andre Agassi ‘a little concerned’ about one aspect of Carlos Alcaraz’s game

"He’s going to find it, he’s only 20. It’s going to be beautiful when he does."