John McEnroe and Brad Gilbert on Rafael Nadal French Open seeding decision
Ewan West

John McEnroe’s criticism of Rafael Nadal’s French Open treatment supported by legendary coach

"Feel like he deserved to be seeded like 20th and could work [his] way into tournament."
Zendaya Brad Gilbert

Top tennis coach opens up about coaching Zendaya for ‘Challengers’ role

Zendaya, Mike Faist, and Josh O'Connor all received expert tennis coaching from one of the most accomplished coaches in tennis history
Brad Gilbert and Coco Gauff

Coco Gauff: Who makes up the team behind reigning US Open champion?

Coco Gauff has become a Grand Slam champion and reached a career-high in the WTA Rankings over recent months - but who has helped her scale those heights?
Brad Gilbert and Coco Gauff
Ewan West

Brad Gilbert addresses calls to ‘fix’ Coco Gauff’s forehand as he reveals his one coaching regret

"Not everybody is like Rafa that can make changes all the time. Andre was another one that liked to tinker."
Coco Gauff Brad Gilbert
Ewan West

Brad Gilbert identifies ‘big-time trait’ Coco Gauff shares with Andre Agassi

"I told her, ‘The pursuit of perfection doesn’t exist. It makes you miserable."