Everyone loves a tweener: From Roger Federer to Nick Kyrgios and Gael Monfils

On the back of Naomi Osaka looking to up her tweener game, here are videos of some of the tweener pros in action.

In case you haven’t seen it before, Osaka asked for help with her tweener game on Twitter and Daria Kasatkina was on hand to show her a thing or two.

Let’s start off with this absolutely beauty from Dominic Thiem at this year’s Australian Open. Take a bow son, take a bow.

Then we have Roger Federer casually hitting a tweener on a roof.

There are lots of Gael Monfils tweeners on Youtube, but this one is quite good as it’s slightly different that the ‘standard’ version.

Some tweeners from the WTA. Looks like Osaka has a good teacher in Kasatkina

This compilation is labelled the “Best of all Time” and it’s a good 10 minutes long. Yes, it contains all the big names including Rafael Nadal, Federer, Andy Murray, Monfils, we could go on here.

And here is a Federer specific compilation.

Nick Kyrgios has a strong tweener game. The first one is just ridiculous as he seems to be jogging to the ball.

And if you are wondering how the pros pull it off, here’s a “simple tutorial”.