If tennis stars were F1 drivers: who does the lion mane-haired Andre Agassi resemble?

Shahida Jacobs

Tennis players are often compared with footballers, but Tennis365 has decided to go down the Formula 1 road.

Which F1 stars do Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Andre Agassi and the rest resemble?

Roger Federer – Michael Schumacher
They are worlds apart in terms of character, but are both peerless when it comes to their trophy hauls and records in their respective sports.

Federer has won the most Grand Slams with his 20 putting him four clear of Rafael Nadal, who is in second place, while German legend Schumacher won an unprecedented seven F1 Drivers’ Championships, two more Juan Manuel Fangio and three more than the likes of Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel.

The Swiss Maestro has a record 96 ATP singles titles while Schumacher has 91 race victories to his name.

We don’t want to stir up the GOAT debate, but it is hard to disagree with those who say Federer and Schumacher are the greatest of all time in tennis and Formula 1 respectively.

Andre Agassi – Lewis Hamilton
Flashy clothing? Check. Questionable hairstyles? Check. Earrings? Check. Celebrity girlfriends? Check. Impressive trophy collections? Check.

Denim hot pants, colourful tights and a lion-maned mullet were just some of the reasons why Andre Agassi made headlines during his heyday. Hamilton, of course, wears a uniform when he is in the car, but away from the track he also draws attention with his fashion sense.

Agassi dated Barbra Streisand and was married to Brooke Shields for about two years while Hamilton was in a long-term relationship with Nicole Scherzinger, but he has also been linked with the likes of Rita Ora and Sofia Richie.

But the important question that needs answering. Agassi’s lion-maned mullet or Hamilton’s braids?

We apologise in advance about the music in this video.

Rafael Nadal – Fernando Alonso
The fact that they are both Spanish has nothing to do with it, we promise. It’s their competitiveness and drive to succeed that makes them comparable.

Both often come across as quite grumpy when they are in the middle of a battle with Alonso having several radio outbursts in recent years when his McLaren-Honda was not up to scratch, while Nadal is never afraid to show his displeasure when things are not going his way.

Here is the F1 driver having a go during radio messages.

Nadal not holding back when on court.

Of course they have massive respect for each other.

“In Spain he is the biggest sportsman probably in history,” the F1 driver said of Nadal “When you are a very nice guy outside the sport as Rafa is, that’s how you get the people with you and how you make the people love you.”

Oh and they are both big Real Madrid fans.

Novak Djokovic – Daniel Ricciardo
Both incredibly talented guys and have won several impressive trophies. In the case of Djokovic he has won 12 Grand Slam titles and, while Ricciardo hasn’t won a Drivers’ title, he has won five Grands Prix.

What makes them similar? They are perhaps not at the same level as the best in the business – Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel in F1 and Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal in tennis – but that doesn’t stop them from going toe-to-toe with the top dogs and they often get the better of them.

But the real reason why we have paired them up is because of their humour.

Here’s Novak.

And here is Ricciardo.

Andy Murray – Kimi Raikkonen
Both will feel they should have won more Grand Slams/ATP titles/F1 titles/GP wins, but they have still had excellent careers to date.

Murray’s path to more glory has often been blocked by the likes of Federer, Nadal and Djokovic while Raikkonen has found himself playing second fiddle to team-mates like Alonso and Vettel.

And then we have their personalities. Both often come across as humourless, but once they get going they are quite funny.

Here’s Raikkonen.

And here is Murray.

Pete Sampras – Sebastian Vettel
Rightly in the mix when it comes to discussions about the GOAT as they have won it all, except for the French Open in the case of Sampras, but ultimately they fall quite short when it comes to selecting the best.

Both also prefer to keep to themselves when it comes to sharing information about their personal lives.

Alexander Zverev – Max Verstappen
Many believe they are the future stars and will dominate their respective sports in years to come. Zverev has already beaten the likes of Federer, Nadal and Djokovic and many believe it is only a matter of time before he wins a Grand Slam.

Verstappen has already won several Grand Prixs and if Red Bull provide him with a good car then he may well challenge the Mercedes and Ferrari drivers for the Drivers’ title.

Both Zverev and Verstappen can also be petulant at times. Although their fans will probably deny it.

Grigor Dimitrov – Valtteri Bottas
Both got a taste of the big league last year and genuinely now feel they can be contenders for the big titles, but they still come up short when the pressure is on.

If their more illustrious opponents have an off day or regular off days, then perhaps they can challenge for big ones.

Kevin Anderson – Romain Grosjean
They came so close, but were yet so far. In the case of Anderson, he finished runner-up to Rafael Nadal at the 2017 US Open, but it would take a brave person to bet big bucks on him coming that close again to winning a Grand Slam.

Romain Grosjean had his moments during his Lotus F1 days he came close to winning several races, but never quite made it to the top step of the podium. He was also at one point tipped to join Ferrari, but his chance appears to have come and gone.

David Ferrer – Felipe Massa
During their peaks they were always there or thereabouts and actually came agonisingly close to winning the big ones, but they fell just short in the end.

Massa, who retired at the end of the 2017 season, was a few seconds away from winning the 2008 F1 title before he was pipped to glory by Lewis Hamilton while Ferrer, who is in the twilight of his career, finished runner-up to Nadal at the 2013 French Open.