Morgan Riddle vs Paige Lorenze: Who has more social media clout?

Morgan Riddle Paige Lorenze
Morgan Riddle (left) and Paige Lorenze (right) are partnered with tennis stars Taylor Fritz and Tommy Paul.

Morgan Riddle and Paige Lorenze are both dating American tennis stars in Taylor Fritz and Tommy Paul and have huge social media followings.

Riddle, a model and influencer, has adjusted her content to give her followers a taste of what it is like to live a life adjacent to the professional tennis tours.

Lorenze, an entrepreneur who admits that being an influencer is a means to an end for her, has also made some adjustments since she started dating Paul.

While Lorenze hopes to be able to hand off the social media side of her business to focus on her company’s creative direction and more overarching money matters, she is still very popular on multiple platforms.

Morgan Riddle taking social media by storm

Riddle seems to genuinely thrive in the social media content game, producing popular TikTok videos and lining up a slew of partnerships and paid posts.

She has built a following on Instagram and YouTube as well while largely avoiding the realms of X and Facebook.

Riddle has over 243,000 followers on Instagram, and over 420,000 followers and more than 14 million views on her TikTok videos.

The bulk of her content is focused around the popular get ready with me trend and she shares her love of fashion and beauty freely.

She slips a few promos into her videos and also does paid posts and other content in partnership with players in the fashion and beauty industry.

Riddle has divided opinion in the tennis world but many feel that her presence and activity has been positive for the sport.

Her lighthearted videos are surprisingly informative and insightful and you’d be surprised what you could learn from them.

Personable and engaging, it really is no surprise that Riddle is so popular and we wouldn’t be shocked to see her transition into a role in broadcasting or other media.

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The business-savvy Paige Lorenze

While Lorenze makes no bones about wanting to do less social media she has still attained some incredible success in garnering a following on several platforms.

Lorenze is massively popular on Instagram where she holds a following of more than 560,000. Her YouTube channel also has more than 200,000 subscribers who can’t get enough of her weekly fashion and lifestyle vlogs.

She is the founder of both Dairy Boy clothing and Dairy Boy Kitchen sharing her passion for food and fashion.

Since she started dated a tennis star she has chosen to more closely align her brands with the sport.

Lorenze’s Dairy Boy recently launched an exclusive NYC Tennis collection.

The limited run collection originally produced for the Dairy Boy pop-up store in New York completely sold out in a great success for Lorenze.

While Lorenze is very definitely still a content creator at this stage she says that it is her ambition to be at the helm of a force in fashion as the Dairy Boy creative director and CEO.

Lorenze has more followers on YouTube and Instagram than Riddle but makes less of a splash in the world of TikTok where few in this space can come close to Fritz’s darling.

Both of these ladies have admirable qualities and interest in their activities is on the rise.

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