STATS: The incredible numbers behind Kevin Anderson and John Isner’s Wimbledon epic

Kevin Anderson’s Wimbledon epic with John Isner was remarkable, but just how remarkable?

1. At 6hrs and 36 minutes, it was the second longest match in not only Wimbledon history, but Grand Slam history.

To put that into context, Serena Williams has spent a total of just 8hrs 18 minutes on court over the course of her six matches at Wimbledon so far.

2. At a combined 409cm (Anderson 202cm, Isner 207cm) it was the tallest Wimbledon semi-final in history.

3. Until the eighth game of the third set when he eventually cracked, John Isner had served 110 successive games without being broken.

4. Despite the match lasting 396 minutes, they shared just 30 rallies of nine shots or more – that’s one every 13.2 minutes.

5. A total of 569 points were played in the match, with Anderson winning 298 (52%) of them and Isner 271.

That means that after over six hours of play and nearly 600 points, all that seperated the players were 27 points.

6. of the 569 points that were played, 102 of them were aces. That’s a staggering 18% – nearly one in every five points.

7. Even more impressive than the number of aces between them was the number of double faults compared to it – just 10 across the entire match.

8. Each player served a total of 48 service games in the match, 42 of which were held.

9. The difference on the day was actually unforced errors rather than anything either player did to actually win the match.

Anderson’s statistics of 49 aces and 118 winners are colossal, but Isner’s (53 aces, 129 winners) are even better.

10. Kevin Anderson has become the first South African man to reach the Wimbledon final in 97 years.

Brian Norton was the last in 1921. He lost the final.