Andy Murray names his GOAT, reveals his favourite player in top 10, which ATP player he’d like to coach

Andy Murray

Who is the greatest tennis player of all time according to Andy Murray? Does he brush his teeth before or after breakfast? Who is his favourite player in the top?

Three-time Grand Slam winner Murray is currently under quarantine in his New York hotel ahead of the US Open and what better way to pass time than to answer questions on Instagram.

The fans fired away.

Who is the GOAT in your opinion?
AM: Serena

Most underrated player on Tour?
AM: Good question…. Roberto Bautista Agut has been in the Top 20 for a long time it feels like!

Does your hip set off metal detectors at airports?
AM: Every time 😂. Embarrassing when they ask me what it is I’ve got in my pocket.

Favourite shot you’d like to steal from another player?
AM: The John Isner serve and it’s not even close.

Andy Murray Instagram Story

Based on your Madrid VR commentary, please say you’ll be in the booth post career.
AM: I have a horrendous voice for TV. 😴😴😴😴

Which ATP player would you like to coach and why?
AM: Roger Federer, because I would learn a lot and it would be interesting to talk tennis with him, watch him train and he would win a lot. 👍

Should you brush your teeth before or after breakfast?
AM: After surely, no? Some fruit and drinks taste horrendous after brushing teeth.

Who’s your favourite player in the Top 10 right now and why?
AM: Always loved watching Rafael Nadal, great energy… great attitude… great player. Also Gael Monfils, amazing what he can do and always makes me smile. Nick Kyrgios too when he’s focussed.

Fed06, Nadal 10, Djok 11, Muzz 16… who’s the best?
AM: I’m last, no idea who would win out of the other.. probably depends on surface.

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