Jimmy Connors tips Roger Federer to beat his records despite struggles

Roger Federer celebrates

Jimmy Connors thinks Roger Federer has every chance of beating his record of 109 career titles.

Federer is currently on 98, 11 short of the US legend, but Connors thinks the 37-year-old has enough time left to topple his record.

“There’s a guy close already. But, you know, as you say, he’s 37 already.

“To me, 37, if he’s in shape and he’s still eager and the distractions off the court don’t become overpowering, I think he still has the opportunity to go and play – certainly for another year, maybe two if he wants to. Maybe more.

“It’s that outside distraction that usually comes down and gets you.

“It’s being able to separate the two. It’s hard to do. When you’re playing tennis, forget about your family. That’s tough to do.

“But when you’re with your family, forget about playing tennis. Now that’s just as hard. That was a very difficult thing.

“It took me three years after I got married and had our son, to straighten that out for me.

Federer (1,168) is also threatening Connors record of 1,256 career wins, but Connors says he doesn’t feel possessive of either record.

“For me, if they’re chasing what I did and my accomplishments then what else could I ask for?

“Would I like 109 to live forever? Sure, why wouldn’t I? I’d be crazy not to – to say differently.

“Someone down the line will do that. But you’re not going to do that by playing for just 10 years. You’ve got to have a 20 year career.

“One year a career does not make, it’s what you do every time you play and the effort you give every time you walk out.

“I don’t have one what if. I can see [Rafael] Nadal the same way.

“He’s going to walk off and go, I couldn’t have given any more to make me the best player.”

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