Alexander Zverev goes under the knife after Paris tumble

Alexander Zverev injured

Alexander Zverev has undergone surgery on torn ankle ligaments following his fall in the French Open semi-final against Rafael Nadal.

Zverev fell and twisted his ankle at the end of the second set at Roland Garros on Friday, yelling in pain as Nadal rushed around the net to help.

The German was helped to his feet but taken off the court in a wheelchair for treatment.

After five minutes the 25-year-old re-emerged on crutches to inform the umpire that he could not continue.

He took to Instagram days later to confirm he would be missing a few weeks of the ATP Tour, at the very least.

“Hey guys, I am now on my way back home. Based on the first medical checks, it looks like I have torn several lateral ligaments in my right foot,” Zverev wrote Instagram. “I will be flying to Germany on Monday to make further examinations and to determine the best and quickest way for me to recover.”

Zverev has now confirmed he has had surgery on the injury but has not placed a time frame on his return.

Writing on Instagram, Zverev said: “We all have our own journey in life. This is part of mine. Next week I’ll reach a career high ranking of number 2 in the world, but this morning I had to undergo surgery.

“After further examination in Germany, we received confirmation that all three of the lateral ligaments in my right ankle were torn.

“To return to competition as quickly as possible, to ensure all the ligaments heal properly, and to reclaim full stability in my ankle, surgery was the best choice.

“My rehab starts now and I’ll do everything to come back stronger than ever!

“I am continuing to receive so many messages and would like to thank everyone once again for supporting me during such a difficult time.”