Alexander Zverev hopes for Novak Djokovic meeting in Dubai

Alexander Zverev celebrates

Alexander Zverev would like to meet Novak Djokovic in Dubai as that would mean that he has reached the final of the event.

Zverev battled through his first round meeting with Czech youngster Jiri Lehecka as he continues to find his feet after a return from injury.

He would also have seen Djokovic struggle to get beyond another Czech in Thomas Machac.

Asked about a possible meeting with Djokovic in Dubai, Zverev said he would take the results however they came if he could reach the final and face Novak Djokovic.

Zverev joked that he would like to meet with Djokovic given they are on opposite sides of the draw and could only clash in the final.

When asked the question he said: “Yes, because that means it’s a final, so.

“I don’t care who I play in the final if I’m in the final, to be honest right now.”

Zverev was full of praise for the world No 1 who surpassed Steffi Graf to stand alone as the person with the most weeks spent atop their rankings.

He believes that Djokovic can play on all surfaces and is able to quickly adapt his game to overcome his opponent.

Zverev feels that it has become normal to see Djokovic breaking records wherever he goes.

“I think I said in Doha already, that shows the achievement he has,” Zverev said.

“He’s been dominating tennis for the last 10, 12 years. I’ve said that. On all the different surfaces, he can play the best tennis. That’s why his ranking has been constantly up there.

“Yeah, that’s just another record that he breaks, to be honest, because that’s what we’re used to for him.”

Zverev says there is no great secret to him recapturing his game and starting a charge up the rankings.

He knows that he just needs to keep playing match after match to get himself back to his best.

When asked what he needs to do to recapture his game, Zverev said: “By playing matches. I think I’m a player that needs matches. I’ve always said that also in the past. Especially when you’ve been out for seven months, you just need to play matches and it will hopefully come back.”

He said that he and his team are not out for giant leaps every day and he is willing to stick it out to fight his way back up the rankings.

” I don’t think you can improve anything in a day,” he said when asked if he would be working on anything after his sketchy win.

“I think it’s finding your rhythm and finding what you can and bringing the game that I did in practice, because in practice I was playing well here the last few days. Just bringing that on the match court.”

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