Andy Murray reveals his investment philosophy as his business portfolio grows

Andy Murray talks to the media at Wimbledon

He is arguably Britain’s greatest sportsman of all-time and Andy Murray is using that platform he has created in his sporting triumphs to promote a series of business interests off the court.

While the two-time Wimbledon champion continues to strive to make his mark on court despite his injury problems, Murray has also been building an impressive list of investments in recent years.

Murray’s 77 Sports management is a boutique marketing agency that offers talent management, marketing and business services, alongside performance analysis for athletes directly through Murray and the highly experienced team around him.

In addition, he has an interest in numerous companies including the Castore clothing brand which has proved to be a huge success, as well as interest in the Haylo Hydration brand and also works with American Express.

In addition, he owns the impressive Cromlix Hotel in Scotland and has an interest in Game4Padel, which is promoting the sport of padel by installing new courts across the UK.

In an interview with Adweek, Murray reflected on his investments as he spoke openly about his interest in his business ventures.

“When I started out as a tennis player, I don’t think I really understood marketing,” he stated.

“I just wanted to play tennis, so it didn’t really interest me. But as I’ve got older and worked with lots of different brands, I have a better appreciation of marketing and its importance in the business of sport.

“This is particularly the case now I have my own apparel brand, AMC. I get regular sales data updates, so it’s very clear to see when a marketing activity has had an impact and I find that quite motivating.”

When asked how he selects the brands he works with Murray continued: “It’s something I work on closely with my management team. I have some very clear boundaries for brands they know I wouldn’t work with, tobacco, gambling, alcohol companies, for example.

“And then we try to identify brands that share some of the same goals or values or ambitions as I have. American Express has a strong heritage in sport and—as a global brand—they invest in really great campaigns that are always fun to work on. I loved this year’s Wimbledon activation. Head has been a partner for over 20 years—I started playing with Head rackets as a teenager and have stuck with them ever since.

“The process of working with AMC was a really interesting one—I’d wanted to set up my own apparel brand for a long time.

“I felt there was a clear gap in the market for stylish tennis wear and so, with my team, we identified Castore as a brand that could help me deliver something I felt really proud of. I like the fact that they are a British brand, set up by two brothers—and that sustainability is important to them.”

Murray believes all athletes should consider investing in other businesses, as he suggests the story behind the companies are important.

“I think the most important thing is to be true to who you are,” he added. “If a brand partnership doesn’t feel genuine, people can quite quickly see through that and it just doesn’t work. I’d also say there is a balance to be struck with how many partners you work with—too many and you can lose focus on what’s important”

Murray may believe he has lots more glory to reach out for on the tennis court, but it is clear that he is already thinking about life after tennis with his impressive business activity.