Andy Murray calls out politicians who try to shut down discourse but bemoan cancel culture

Andy Murray antics

Andy Murray took to social media to vent his frustration but not about something happening in the world of tennis.

Murray took aim at hypocritical politicians who try to both bemoan so-called cancel culture anduse their own tricks on social media to shut down public discourse.

He doesn’t feel that sport and politics can be separated just like any other person from another field shouldn’t have to remove themselves from the political space or discussion because they are not a career politician.

Murray write on X, formerly Twitter: “Politicians and political commentators “cancel culture is an attack on our right to free speech!”

“Athlete makes comment or supports anything political “stick to (insert sport) sport should be free from politics”.

His brief commentary on the state of social media and perhaps wider society appeared to resonate with plenty Andy Murray fans and more from beyond those who follow the Scot.

In less than an hour the message had been retweeted more than 400 times as well as racking up likes and comments in support of Murray.

It was unclear if Murray was responding to soemthing that happened on social media or elsewhere.

On court, Murray’s season tapered off a little disappointingly but he had been handed a touch sequence of draws despite making real rankings progress this term.

Murray said after the US Open that the process of assessing whether he wants to continue playing is continuous.

“I’ve obviously been progressing this year from a ranking perspective,” Murray said in New York.

“You know, I had some great matches in Australia. Well, quite a few amazing matches at the beginning of the year really, in Doha, as well. Yeah, I think was close to, you know, you never know what’s gonna happen, but I think I was close to having a good run at Wimbledon.

“Yeah, like, I still enjoy everything that goes into, you know, playing at a high level. I enjoy the work. You know, the training and trying to improve and trying to get better, I do still enjoy that.

“Yeah, and that’s what keeps me going. If things change and I stop enjoying that or my results, my ranking and everything, like, if I start to go backwards in that respect, you know, in a few months’ time I was ranked 60 in the world or whatever instead of moving up the way, things might change.”

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