WATCH: Andy Murray delivers some magical moments

A delighted Andy Murray

If you are feeling upset about Andy Murray exiting early from the ongoing Monte-Carlo Masters, then why not cheer yourself up with some of his most enjoyable shots.

Coming in at seven seconds into the video, we see Murray with an incredible piece of improvisation to secure a point over Rafael Nadal. The shot was unpredictable, as Murray quickly made his way to the back of the court to send a brilliant over-the-back shot to catch Nadal out.

The commentator responded with “I think Rafa thought that was going to go out,” and the fans were surely thinking the same thing.

At 52 seconds in, Murray returns a difficult shot with one of his own to secure the point; a well-struck forehand finds the perfect spot to secure a point for Muzza. “What a shot Murray had to hit to secure the point,” we have to agree with the commentator; it was a great hit.

If those haven’t cheered you up, then take a look at this moment of magic from Murray at 01:17. The British star showed off his athleticism with some 360 action to win the point, leaving the commentator to say, “Look at that little move. Michael Jackson watch out,” we can definitely say that it was a thriller of a shot.

Murray has certainly been an exciting player to watch over the years, and this shot will surely give you the same feeling. A glorious backhanded shot at 02:07, too perfect to counter, with the commentator reacting with “What a wonderful shot,” which it undoubtedly was.

These next two shots will surely get you out of your seat starting at 02:31. Murray shows his commitment by making the distance to return not only one but two shots, with the second one securing the point.

Murray has definitely been a devoted player over the years, and he shows us his devotion at 02:44. The star rushed into action as he made his way to the back of the court to send a well-placed shot that sailed over Novak Djokovic’s head. The commentator appreciated the shot by saying, “Great awareness from Murray to go charging in,” and we can agree it was a great effort.

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Murray is often in the shadow of rivals Roger Federer and Nadal, but in this shot, he steps into the light and catches the Mighty Federer out with a sniper-like strike. At 03:11, Muzza shows off his quality with an unreturnable shot that finds itself inches from going out. “Oh, that’s ridiculous.” We can surely side with the commentator because that was unbelievable.

The final unbelievable moment comes in at 04:46. After an intense rally between the pair, Murray somehow found the ability to surpass his opponent with a thunderous strike to secure the point. Even the commentator was shocked, saying, “Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me. Andy Murray had absolutely no business winning that point.” We can honestly agree with his statement because that was exceptional.

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