Andy Murray news: Andrew Castle exclusive on what drives the Scot to continue

Andy Murray

Andy Murray continues to defy his doubters by continuing at the highest level of the game and former British No 1 Andrew Castle has backed the two-time Wimbledon champion to thrive in 2022.

Castle was on commentary duty for the BBC as Murray won the Wimbledon title in 2013 and 2016, with his admiration for the Scot shining through in his exclusive interview with Tennis365.

Speaking in his role as a Game4Padel ambassador, Castle told us Murray’s love for the game is driving him on as he aims to defy the odds by succeeding at the highest level playing with a metal hip.

“He doesn’t want to give up and I completely understand that,” Castle told Tennis365.

“If you don’t love the game, forget about it. So he must love the game.┬áHe loves winning, competing, trying his best training… you have to love all aspects of it.

“With Andy, I don’t know what the driving force is, but you are never going to be able to go back and do this again, so it is a mature attitude to stay with it.

“He can still conduct his other business activities and build other areas of his life and still do this. Let’s be honest, 34 is not old and his body can keep going it seems.”

Castle went on to suggest the shot Murray has that could carry him back towards the top of the game could be his backhand, even though he suggests his brand of tennis is no longer the norm on tour.

“What amuses me is a new generation has come along they think he can get through his backhand, but forget about it. You can’t get through his backhand,” he added.

“Where the game has moved on is the sheer speed comparatively ordinary players are hitting at is going down to players ranks 150 and 200.

Andrew Castle at Wimbledon
Andrew Castle at Wimbledon

“That represents a huge challenge for Andy, but he is up for it and he makes the difficult things look simple because he is so technically superb.

“Changing the pace of the game, chopping the ball deep… I love the way Andy used the dynamics and dimensions of the court.

“He almost looks like a throwback in the way he plays the game compared to some of the young guys coming through, but I love watching him.”

Andrew Castle is Game4Padel ambassador.